We are focused on creating custom visual content that connects your audience with you, and each other.
We provide authentic and organic content for your audience to identify with and share your perspective.

Video Production

We marry gorgeous visuals with expert storytelling to capture audience attention on various platforms.

Digital Footprint Management

We maintain constant contact with your audience, while producing engaging and relevant content to maintain audience interest.

Visual Design

We create beautiful and comprehensive imagery to leave your audience with a lasting impression.

What Do We Do

Content Creation and Digital Networking is our specialty. We use serialized video content in order to capture audience attention and encourage engagement. We’re creating authentic, organic content that curates and maintains your community presence.


We’ve made these brands prettier in the algorithm
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Why Choose Us

We understand the nuances of the ever-changing, ever-expanding digital sphere. Pretty in the Algorithm excels at keeping your business’s online presence at the top of the game!
Tech for every budget

We pride ourselves on being able to work with a variety of client budgets. We’ve invested in a wide variety of media equipment so we always have the right tools for the job.

Live Streaming

Your events can be accessible to anyone, live, from any angle. We have multiple packages available for all types of live events!


We offer multiple education options for managing your social media